TAG Archive

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Information Technology International (TAG-ITI) member of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) is pleased to inform you about its ‘comprehensive solutions service for electronic archiving and business process management’(TAG ARCHIVE SYSTEM), a new service that complements the extensive range of professional services provided by the Organization.

Through our comprehensive solutions service for electronic archiving and business process management, within less than three years, and thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced work team, we were able to  automate and implement electronic archiving systems in many public and private institutions of various sectors.

TAG ARCHIVE SYSTEM is here to fulfill the requirements of the knowledge era and its evolution, to assist institutions through the electronic conversion, knowing that we are working through a comprehensive electronic system, with electronic document management, operations and internal process monitoring in institutions.

TAG Archive system comprising in particular:

•         Quick document retrieval and review.
•         High ability to distribute documents efficiently and easily to various parties.
•         Ability to establish and monitor operations and internal process of the institution.
•         Ensuring a highly effective security for documents.
•         Providing access to the Internet or mobile.
•         The system has a powerful interface to connect to external databases.
•         The system provides alerts and business process mechanisms.
•         Providing offline work and remote control system.
•         The system has the support feature of scanned paper documents and e-mail.
•         Preventing files and documents loss.
•         Saving space in warehouses and file storage rooms.
•         High level of services that meet your expectations.
•         Ensuring the backup of electronic copies of paper documents periodically in anticipation of any damages.

These services are provided by a team of accredited experts and qualified technicians as follows:

•    Provision of consulting services in document management and business process planning
•    Conducting the required studies and analyzes to provide the best solutions.
•    Implementing the system of electronic archiving and monitoring of operations and internal process, including the transfer of documents from some older systems (if any),  the application of the new system and the training of staff to use and manage the system in its full extent.

In terms of electronic archiving solutions, there are several options offered by the company as follows:

*Option 1: electronic archiving and business process system.

This option includes the implementation of the above-mentioned archiving system and the provision of periodic and annual maintenance, as well as the management system of operations and internal business process.

*Option 2: Archiving paper files.

We provide assistance with the actual archiving of paper files and documents as follows:
1.    Providing a study of the requirements of archiving works.
2.    Providing the technical staff required to prepare and scan files.
3.    Providing the best and fastest scanners.
4.    Converting documents into electronic copies and storing them upon request.
5.    The possibility of entering electronic documents into the archiving system (if any).

*Option 3: Comprehensive solutions for archiving and business process.

This option includes the two previous options wherein all archiving works are carried out, e.g. providing the required system for archiving, studies, consultancy, archiving of paper documents and entering them in the system as well as providing comprehensive solutions by establishing and monitoring operations and internal business process.



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