TAG ERP Solutions

TAG-ERP is an ultra-modern digital platform, which forms a solid foundation, and backbone for any enterprise to utilize the business units and build on top of the digital platform whatever needed add-ons, business units, and modules serving the particular needs of each enterprise.

TAG-ERP is distinguished by its Low-Code technology, which delivers ultimate customizations facilities in no time. It comes with 25+ fully-fledged business units where each module has its own business logic and serves certain industries’ needs.

As for the ERP Business Units, it comes with business units which serve the standard business need of each resource planning business area including the Financial Management, Human Resources (HR) and Payroll, Employees Self-Service Module, Procurement, Material Control, Sales and Retail, Material Control, CRM, Projects Management, and Manufacturing.


*System Advantages


  • Accessible through desktop, web and mobile.
  • Workflow Designer.
  • On-The-Fly Customizations.
  • Searching Engine.
  • Diverse Reports with Visual Dashboard.
  • Alerts & Notifications through e-mail and SMS.
  • Multi-Currency Support.
  • Multi-legal Entities and Sites Support.
  • Business processes improvements.
  • Costs savings.
  • Enhanced reporting tools.

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