Our Services

1- Business Advisory 
Advise about the policies and procedures to do business in the Middle East region and what is required to establish companies, partnership or projects.

2- Commercialization  of invention
Connect entrepreneurs, inventors and investors in the region.
Inventor representation during negotiations to reach successful deals.

3- Commercial Mediation 
Locating funds and potential investors, arranging partnership, arranging joint ventures, locating distributors and agencies, valuation, franchising and licensing.

4- Intellectual Property Services
IP protection, patent search, patent drafting and valuation.

5- Legal Services
Drafting and reviewing contracts for licensing, franchising, agencies and partnerships. Registrations related to franchise, agency, distribution and licensing. Litigation.

6- Consulting Services
Market and feasibility studies, competitors study, market consulting, market research, market strategies.

7- Project development and management  
Economic studies, project assessment, office establishment, project management tools.

8- Professional Training
Professional training in the field of intellectual assets management, evaluation, licensing, accounting and others.

If you are an inventor, entrepreneur, representing university, or public research institute and looking for business and commercialization opportunities, you can benefit from the following services:

1- Evaluation 
Evaluate the invention and the business plan for commercial potential, technical strength, and market potential.

2- Commercialization 
locate funds, potential investors, mentors, and partners.

3- Negotiation 
Negotiate on behalf of an inventor to get the best deals and offers.

4- Legal Services 
Includes drafting non-disclosure and licensing agreements, legal consultation.

5- Marketing 
Develop marketing strategies and marketing tools to promote your invention.